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Avian Chlamydia Psittaci Diagnostic Test

This is a state of the art instant diagnostic test which is performed on your premises. The test is clinically precise, easy to use and contains everything you will need and a guide to interpreting the results. The test is based on Viaguard�s exclusive DNAffirm antigen/ antibody immunoassay technology.

The kit costs $79 & includes 5 tests.

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Avian Chlamydia is a gram negative spherical intercellular bacteria which incubates in three to ten days and may exist asymptomatically while spreading the disease to other birds and livestock. The disease spreads by airborne bacteria originating in nasal and ocular secretions, feces, and featherdust. When symptoms are evident they may include any of: ocular discharge, upper respiratory infection, diarrhoea with yellow to green droppings or a loss of weight. The bird may be lethargic, have tremors and exhibit a general malaise leading to death.

Precautions to minimize the spread of infection include general sanitation measures and testing all new birds before entering an aviary. The infection is usually treated with tetracycline type antibiotics while isolating infected birds.

Kit Component

The kit contains everything needed for five individual tests. The cassettes used for each test can be removed individually from the pouch but it is essential that the pouch be completely sealed, while there are cassettes remaining in it.

Test Procedure

  1. Insert one of the provided swabs in the bird�s cloacae rotate and swab for 10 seconds the ocular secretions (if present) exuding from the bird�s eye. Be certain that the swabs are thoroughly impregnated and moist with the bird�s biological material.
  2. Add four drops of buffer A into the small plastic tube.
  3. Rub the swab into the buffer solution and squeeze against the sides of the plastic tube expressing as much solution as possible four times.
  4. Add four drops of buffer solution B to the plastic tube and repeat the process.
  5. Remove the swab and discard.
  6. Place one cassette on a flat surface and add three drops of the solution from the plastic tube to the oval sampling well.
  7. Interpret the results in five minutes as per the following chart.

Invalid tests are caused by improper technique. Test should be repeated.

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