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Canine Distemper Detection Test

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Uses a sample of nasal pharyngeal discharge or ocular secretions.

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Canine Distemper is a highly infectious viral disease characterised by fever, leukopenia, respiratory discharge and neurological complications.

The Viaguard Canine Distemper test is based on DNAffirm antigen/antibody immunoassay technology. Results are evident in a matter of minutes and indicate the presence or absence of the virus.

The virus is a single stranded member of the paramyxovirus family that reproduces in the lymphatic tissue of respiratory tracts.

The initial infection may be largely asymptomatic except for a transient fever, but shortly thereafter, serious symptoms including nasal and ocular discharge are evident. Secondary bacterial infections often follow.

Hyperkatosis (hard pad) may be accompanied by involuntary muscle spasms and paralysis of the limbs. Salivation and involuntary chewing are often evident. There is a general malaise and the dog may lose control of urination and defecation. The disease may run its course in a couple weeks or symptoms may appear intermittently or not at all for several months. Despite widespread vaccination, distemper remains a major disease and cause of morbidity particularly among puppies. Early diagnosis allowing for optimal treatment is important.

Test Procedure

Insert a swab into the dog's nasal cavity and swab and rotate until saturated (about 10 seconds)


Swab the ocular secretion carefully until the swab is saturated.

Insert the swab into the tube containing assay solution and rotate and squeeze the swab against the sides of the tube for about six repetitions.

Discard the swab and remove a cassette and dropper from the pouch. Place the cassette on a clean, dry, flat surface.

Place three drops of the solution using the eye-dropper into the oval well on the cassette, and wait for a colour reaction in the form of bands to develop in about five minutes. The results must be read before ten minutes, after which the readings are invalid.


Positive Result: If both C and T bands are developed, the result is positive.

Negative Result: If only the C band is developed, the result is negative.

Invalid Result: If no C band is developed, the result is invalid regardless of colour development on the T band as indicated below.

* Note: The intensity of the colour in the test line region (T) may vary depending on the concentration of analytes present in the specimen. Therefore, any shade of colour in the test region (T) should be considered positive. An invalid result usually indicates improper procedure.

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