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Canine Parentage DNA Analysis - Our laboratory is recommended by Kennel Clubs

Do you have doubts about the parentage of a recent litter?
Is it possible you may have a multiple-sired litter?
Would you like to offer your purchasers DNA-certified pedigrees?

DNA Parentage Testing for Canines is Fast, Affordable, and Powerful.

Accu-Metrics / Viaguard will send you a complete sample collection kits containing instructions to obtain buccal (cells inside the cheek) swabs from all dogs to be tested. Cost of testing is $30 per dog (so if you require the Sire, Dam and Pup to be tested then the price will be $30 X 3 = $90). The cost includes the kit, laboratory analysis and a digital certificate.

Results are available in about 10 business days and will be e-mailed at no cost. A mailed certificate can be given to the purchaser of the pup the cost is $9.00 for each personalized certificate

Comparison of the DNA profile of the dam, sire and pup(s) will yield with 99.999% accuracy whether the pup(s) are from the tested dam and sire.

If a sample from the dam is not available the parentage DNA test can be done with a sample from the sire and the pup(s). It is possible to have puppies from different sires in the same litter, thus we suggest testing several pups from the same litter for each sire tested. Dogs of any breed and age can be tested.

Each kit contains sufficient test supplies for 5 dogs (sire, dam and three pups).

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