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Canine Genetic Predisposition Test

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Cancer in Dogs

Cancer is a common problem in dogs. Statistics show 50% of dogs over the age of 10 develop cancer at some point. This is the leading cause of death in older dogs. All breeds, including mixed, are susceptible. The underlying genetic predisposition to certain cancers will vary by breed. Particular breeds—Rottweiler, Bernese mountain dog, poodle, German shepherd, Great Dane, Labrador retriever, beagle, boxer and golden retriever—have an incidence rate of up to 70%.

Canine Genetic Predisposition

In 2005 the genome sequence of the dog was released. Just like the human genome sequence, this extensive information provides the underlying cause for many traits, cancers and other diseases in canines.

Now for the first time, by using these newly developed resources, genome-wide association studies in dogs can provide a powerful tool for unravelling carcinogenic tendencies.

The cancers we test for include those of greatest concern in dogs:

Test Results

Identifying dogs at risk of developing various types of cancer provides a critical early warning signal. Once identified, it allows these dogs to receive the appropriate nutritional, environmental, lifestyle and medical attention needed to mitigate what was, in the pre-DNA era, an inevitable fate.

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