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Cushing's syndrome/disease - cortisol hair analysis


The defiinitive diagnosis for cushings syndrome is an analysis of the levels of corisol deposition over the previous 3-6 momth period, using the animals hair, and done with clinical precision by the viaguard accu-cortisol analysis.

Sending in a sample of the animals hair, is easy, using our sample collection kit, and as extensive studies have proven, provides a quick and relaibe diagnosis in about 5 days.

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This test has been done by viaguard on humans for many years and it has now been adopted for use on dogs and other animals to determine their average daily stress level of corticosteroids ( cortisol) , which is the causative factors in many serious diseases.

Some of the resultant conditionsof cushings disease , include loss of body condition,hypertension,diabetes mellitus,central nervous system and behavioural changes ,susceptibility to infections and blood clots.

One of the prime causes of the disease in a tumour of the pituitary gland resulting in high levels of acth ,which stimulate the adrenal glands to produce abnormal ly high and persistent levels of corticosteroids.

The symptoms appear only gradually , and may initially be overlooked, but a cortisol hair test will give a clear indication of the problem. Which, if not treated early will lead to dire consequenses and a premature death.

A positive test result should be discussed with your veterinarian to ensure appropriate treatment.

Taking the sample ( instructions are in the sample collection kit)

Hair should be taken from the neck or back areas

You willl need to clip or cut about 120 hairs(the thickness of s lead pencil) close to the skin. Ideally the hair will be at least an inch long

If the hair is short make several small collections to achieve the equivalent of the volume of hair needed

Place the hair in the supplied pouch and send it to viaguard in the mailing envelope

You will receive a report and the reults by e mail, about 5-7 days after the receipt of samples.

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