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Nutragenic Forte and Canine Health

The only nutragenomic complete defensive and nutritional supplement for canine health and longevity.
A 375g (13.2oz) jar of powder (about a 90 day supply) for only $22

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About the Product

Nutragenomics will play a major role in directing and supplementing canine nutrition. The science of nutragenomics involves the study of nutritional effects on genetics, and is based on researched principles, which encompass: supplying needed metabolites; increasing the effectiveness of certain proteins; blocking the excess build-up of toxic metabolites; activating the expression of certain genes to increase production of a desirable protein; and inactivate the expression of genes that have a detrimental effect on the physiology of the dog.

Nutragenic Forte has been DNA directed in its formulation to help address these areas. Click here to order Nutragenic Forte.

It is supplied as a granular powder, complete with a small measuring scoop, and can be sprinkled on your dog's food. A level measure (about 4 grams) is the recommended daily dose for every 25 pounds of body weight.

Formulated by a team of canine nutrition experts, geneticists, and veterinarians, it is primarly intended to be a supplement with maximum benefit to all dogs when used on a regular daily basis. Its genetically directed formulation is intended to target potential and existing canine problem areas, common to a wide variety of breeds. The formulation is premised on the concept of a single comprehensive supplement dealing with potential and existing problems. Nutragenic Forte takes a rather holistic approach in this regard. Nutragenic Forte does not replace the need for regular veterinary care. In fact, we urge it as part of the total canine health program.

The spectrum of conditions targeted by Nutragenic Forte includes, but is not limited to some of the following described conditions.

Osteoarthritic Problems

Canines are particularly vulnerable to a variety of osteoarthritic problems. The symptoms include joint inflammation, swelling, pain, impaired mobility, ligament and tendon disorders. Even where symptoms have not yet become apparent, it is important to ensure that the defence organics and other ingredients in Nutragenic Forte are allowed to not only repair and restore, but prevent the onset of these symptoms.

Osteoarthric conditions arise from genetic and environmental issues. Our synergistic blend of multiple ingredients deals with the complexities of this disease, and helps maintain a healthy osteoarthritic state. In the healthy dog, cartilage is constantly broken down and replaced during normal wear and tear. One of the key stimuli of cartilage cells is chondrocytes. In diseases such as hip dysplasia, the chondrocytes do not have enough of the building blocks to build new cartilage. Nutragenic forte is directed to provide the essential building blocks for restoration and maintenance.

Skin and Coat Health

Skin and Coat Health is often indicative of overall well-being. While the problem may appear to be topical and visually affect the skin and coat, it may be symptomatic of other problems, including nutritional deficiencies, circulatory problems, parasites, stress, and allergies.

Skin and coat problems have a genetic basis as well as being impacted by environmental and lifestyle factors. Nutragenic Forte addresses the problem from all perspectives with a multifaceted approach. Its formulation includes natural anti-parasitic ingredients.

Skin problems may be an allergenic reaction, in which case your veterinarian is best qualified to diagnose and treat the problem. Allergenic reactions are often identified because symptoms are produced on a seasonal basis.

Cardiovascular Integrity

A healthy cardiovascular system will be maintained by proper diet, exercise, and Nutragenic Forte supplementation.

Many canine breeds are genetically vulnerable to heart disease. The complex of ingredients of Nutragenic Forte includes anti-arrhythmia agents which minimise arterial fibrillation and flutter, and also play a protective role in oxidant stress impacting cardiac muscles. The ingredients are directed to regulate the energy metabolism of the myocardium, and will inhibit cardiac disease and decrease the progression of cardiovascular disease.

The Immune System and Anti-Carcinogenic Activity

Nutragenic Forte helps maintain the immune system at its highest functioning level. The natural ingredients in Nutragenic Forte stimulate the lymphocyte and macrophage components of the immune system, giving the dog increased resistance to infection. The immune system is also critical in anti-carcinogenic activity.

Cancer is often initiated by environmental pollution, coupled with the dog's genetic makeup.

Nutragenic Forte addresses both of these issues with a complex of natural components which help protect DNA and the healing system.

It is essential for the dog's immune system to be fully functional to clear the cancer as well as ensuring that environmental factors have minimal risk.

Many of the antioxidants in Nutragenic Forte stabilize DNA and reduce the development or progression of cancer. The free radical scavenging properties of certain ingredients play a significant anti-carcinogenic role.

Oxygen radicals may play a major role as endogenous initiators of degenerative processes such as DNA damage and cancerous mutations. The antioxidant ingredients in Nutragenic Forte are important in the body's defence mechanism, as they convert the free radicals to stable compounds that cannot initiate tissue damage.


The formulation of Nutragenic Forte promotes a healthy and balanced digestive system which resists parasitic infection. Parasitic infections, while there may be a genetic vulnerability, are largely environmental, caused by the ingestion of contaminated matter. A combination of healthy diet, exercise, and the natural defence ingredients in Nutragenic Forte help protect your dog against parasitic infections. Should your dog become infected with a parasitic infection, it is important to seek veterinary advice as soon as possible. Parasitic infections do not pose an imminent threat to the dog, but pose an ongoing debilitating problem.


DL-methionine 7.5mg
Linoleic acid 4mg
Calcium 75mg
Phosphorous 35mg
Potassium 0.5mg
Magnesium 40mg
Iron 5mg
Copper 0.005 mg
Zinc 1.5mg
Iodine 0.06mg
Selenium 5ug
Vitamin A 900IU
Vitamin D3 75IU
Vitamin E 7.5IU
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 7.5mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 3.75mg
Pantethenic Acid 7.5mg
Niacin 7.5mg
Pyridoxine HCl 3.75mg
Folic Acid 0.003mg
Vitamin B12 0.003mg
Choline 7.5mg
Cobalt 0.06mg
Biotin 0.003mg
Menadione (Vitamin K activity) 0.003mg
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 20mg
Para-aminobenzoic acid 3.75mg
Inositol 3.75mg
Lecithin 7mg
Betaine HCl 6mg
Defence Organics Quantities (all values in mg):
Co-enzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) 15
Glucosamine HCl 120
Chondroitin Sulfate 90
MSM (Methyl Sulfonal Methane) 100
Probiotic Cultures 150
Shark Cartilage 100
Grape Seed Extract 200
Milk Thistle 50
Omega 3-6 Oils 300
Echinacea Powder 100
Brewer's Yeast 150
DMG (dimethyl glycine) 25
Pepsin 7
Protease 5
Lipase 6
Bromelain 4