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The VIA-PET Pit bull Exemption certificate will save tens of thousands of innocent dogs from execution.

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Studies have shown that pit bull identification, based on looks, and judged by experts, is about 12% accurate, making the idea of the breed ban, based solely on looks so distorted that it should never stand up in court.

Here are a set of images taken of dogs that some may consider a "pit bull" based on physical characteristics. Based on our test, the only dog with significant pit bull terrier is picture #3. This dog according to our test is only 12% pit bull.

This takes us to the natural conclusion, and the one that should have been implemented a long time ago, that ordinances based on owner behaviour are far more fair and effective than the look of the dog.

Pit bulls and pit bull Terriers are not breeds but rather generic categories that includes registered breeds of dogs but also non-purebred dogs related to the breeds. The term is used to encompass a wide variety of mixed breed dogs

Generally, legislation encompassing pit bulls references pit bull Terriers that include Staffordshire bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and American pit bull Terriers. To give animal control authorities extensive powers, legislation usually has a proviso to include dogs that have an appearance and physical characteristics substantially similar to those of dogs referenced.

Ordinances and local legislation do not provide specific guidance as to what aspects of the dogs appearance or physical characteristics are to be considering in determining whether the dog is substantially similar to a pit bull. This is an implausible and impossible judgment because very many purebred dogs have substantially similar appearances and characteristics to the breeds identified with pit bulls.

When one adds to this the infinite variety of appearances and characteristics found in mixed breed dogs, compounded by, the ingrained psychology of observer bias and perspective, of persons making the judgment calls, we realize the scientific futility and unfairness of the entire concept.

The political elixir of public safety will however take precedence despite the fact that most studies find dogs loosely identified as pit bulls accounted for less 4% of reported dog bites, and rang about the 10th on the list of identified breeds behind German shepherds, Cocker Spaniel's, Rottweilers and Golden Retrievers

Contrary to popular myth pit bulls do not have locking jaws there being no physiological locking mechanism in the jaw muscle and bone structure of dogs.

When your dog takes the VIA-PET Pit bull Exemption DNA breed determination test the science of inferring cognitive and behavioral traits from physical characteristics has no scientific basis, and any dog singled out as being a pit bull should receive the benefit of genetic breed testing since it's very life may depend on it.

When we do our DNA-based breed analysis on your dog the level of genetic component from breeds associated with pit bulls will hopefully be sufficiently low to exempt your dog from vindictive legislation. The certificate we issue can deservedly tip the scales of justice to save the lives of many loved pets.

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